Sweet Gunjiya or Sweet Gujia

Gunjiya also called Gujia is a sweet dumpling made with Maida flour and stuffed with khoya and dry fruits.

Gujia has a very distinct shape, the packaging is very much like that of a samosa, but with a different sweet filling. Gujia is filled with a mixture dry fruits, khoya, etc.

Gujia Neureos are flaky pastries loaded with a sweet filling.
Several regional cuisines in India feature dishes similar to gujia, but with different fillings.
Gujias is called Purukiya in Bihar. Ghughra (Gujarati) in Gujarat, Karanji (Marathi) in Maharashtra, Karachika (Tamil) in Tamil Nadu, Karjikayi (Kannada and Telugu) in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in Goa, Goan call it Nevri.

Sweet Gujia made by Omi Sweets, is famous for its crispy & juicy flavour. Our unique taste is because of roasted khoya topped with dry fruits and coconut powder.

Ingredients of Gunjiya :
Gujiya's dunpling is made of Maida. Which is filled with Khoya, Cashewnuts, Almonds, Kishmish, Sauf (fernel) and coconut powder. Gujia dumping is first fried in Fortune Refind oil. Then it is dipped in Sugar Syrup to give sweet flavour.
This stuffed and deep fried pastry is really tempting and appetizing to eat.

Image of Gunjiya in Half kg Box, weighing 400 gms

Image of Gunjiya in Half kg Box weight 400 gms

Image of Gunjiya

Image of Gunjiya

Images of Gunjiya Boxes

Images of Boxes

Image of Gunjiya 1 kg Boxes Length

Image of Gunjiya 1 kg Boxes Breadth

Image of Gunjiya 1 kg Boxes Height

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